Business Planning  for entrepreneurs
& family businesses

If you own your own business – large or small – you probably have your hands full just keeping all the balls in the air.  If you pause to take a breath, you might wonder if the format of your business – sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or LLC – offers the best asset protection and tax benefits for you.  You might worry about what would happen - to your family, your employees, your clients or customers and the business you have built and cared for - if something were to happen to you.  You might wonder if you’ll ever be able to retire - not that you want to, you love what you do, but…
META law provides sound business legal advice, and working with your accountant and other trusted business advisors, we can alleviate your concerns and help you:
  • Take care of you and your family
  • Take care of your employees
  • Build your business
  • Build and protect your personal assets
  • Exit or transfer your business when the time comes
  • Save taxes
We work in close coordination with your other trusted advisors, using state-of-the-art techniques and legal documentation for:
  • Business Organization and Start-up
Choice of entity and tax treatment
Entity formation or conversion
Reorganizations and mergers
Entity funding
  • Business Maintenance
Annual business review
Annual meetings, minutes & statements
Filings with government agencies
  • Exit and succession planning
Buy-sell agreements
Agreements for the purchase or transfer of stock or assets
Promissory notes
Liquidation and dissolution agreements
  • Coordination with your personal estate plan