Trust Administration & Probate ... for families

We know that when the time comes to fulfill our clients legacies, the utmost care and sensitivity must be given to guide the family throughout the trust administration process. Our firm prides itself in providing kindness and compassion to the loved ones left behind, insuring that they know their spouse or parents' wishes are carried out and the best results for the family are achieved.

Bringing A Good Plan To Life.
Through our experience in helping people administer trusts, we have found that there are often misconceptions about the way living trusts work.  Many people believe that a living trust magically avoids all tasks and administrative expenses.  As a result, it often comes as a surprise to the family that this process does not happen "automatically" and that the help of a financial advisor, income tax advisor, insurance advisor, attorney, and appraiser is required.

The crucial point to remember is that the primary goal is to carry out the wishes of the deceased while taking advantage of the opportunities for short and long-term savings in income, property, and estate taxes. 

Five Phases of Trust Administration

META law as your legal advisor, using our team of attorneys and paralegals, will assist and guide you in carrying out your duties as the successor trustee or executor. We help in:
  • Preparing the necessary inventory
  • Obtaining appraised values for the assets
  • Dealing with creditors’ claims and debts
  • Coordinating with other professional advisors on tax, investment and insurance issues
  • Preparing documents transferring asset title to the successor trustee or the named beneficiaries
  • Dividing the Administrative Trust into separate trusts
  • Preparing the estate tax returns
  • Preparing accountings for beneficiaries
  • Giving you general advice as you request from time to time
  • Although our goal is to help our clients avoid probate, when necessary our skilled attorneys and paralegals are available to navigate the court process.
As part of our ongoing commitment to client education and service, META law holds a trustee training workshop annually for our clients and their families.  The more prepared people are to take on the role of trustee, the more comfortable and successful they are in fulfilling their responsibilities. We’ve designed this workshop to help our clients better understand the process and help their families prepare for the future.