Never too many cooks in the kitchen!

Posted on: November 18th, 2016
Tips for preserving your intangible legacy - the memories you make, values you share, communities you strengthen, traditions you honor - by our Special Projects Assistant, Marianne Cothern.
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Never Too Many Cooks In the Kitchen
by Marianne Cothern

Thanksgiving is the ultimate “intangible legacy” holiday. Multiple generations are together and many old traditions are being shared. It’s worth taking time to be sure you’re making the most of your time together.

Make a plan
Is your Thanksgiving low-stress with the focus on family time? If not, this year try delegating or simplifying.

Busy kitchen
The kitchen is the heart of Thanksgiving
The busy time in the kitchen before the meal is the best part of the day, with everyone maneuvering around each other and having fun. This is where legacies are truly shared: family recipes, old stories, expertise, patience, teamwork. Make the most of this time by including multiple generations. Find tasks for everyone, young and old. Drag a chair into the kitchen if necessary for anyone who needs it.
Thanksgiving Turkey Father Daughter

Passing the knife
Ask the official turkey carver to share his/her knife skills with the next generation. Someday they’ll need to do it themselves.

Everyone on KP
Involve everyone in clean up. This is an opportunity to have fun in the kitchen and reinforce values. Many hands make light work.

Be flexible
Surprise vegan? Extra guest? Everyone brings dessert and no one brings mashed potatoes? Roll with it. Stay focused on what’s important and stay flexible about everything else.

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